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Diplomatic Visa Application - Rocketdog
What region are you representing or from? The North Pacific

Does your region already have a gameside or offsite forum embassy with Hartfelden? Yes

Does Hartfelden already have a gameside or offsite forum embassy with your region? Yes

What is your World Assembly nation? Xagill

Do you have any other identities you've been known as or have used on NationStates? No

Are you banned from any other regions? If so, what for? No

Why do you wish to have a diplomatic visa? I am a TNP diplomat assigned to this region
[Image: w8sEhEE.png]
Their Imperial Highness, Aav von Hartfelden, Prinz von Hartfelden, and Archduke of Rossmark.


[Image: k5g5U0y.png]

His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I, Emperor of the Ragerian Imperium, High King of Domlar, King of Arin, King of Haggir, King of Don, King of Fola, Grand Duke of Jorn, High Patrician of Kola, Chieftain of the Amir, Warmaster of Alaan, Baselius of Tol, Tsar of Ji, Samrat of Ayn, and Grand High Magistrate of Korrer.
Any posts I make should be taken as posts by any other user unless I use ***RED TEXT***, post as an Administrator, Minister of Foreign Affairs, or as President of the Bundestag. 

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