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Civil Application
Which ministry/department(s) do you wish to join?
Cultural. I'd like to work on a regional economy as a framework for rp and encoraging forum participation, and then an awards system for participation and service, and then try to run regular events.
Do you have any past experience in any executive departments in this region or others?
I am or have been a TITO commander, Deputy WA minister in 10000 islands and The East Pacific, Ceasar in Oatland, and Cartographer in Forest and Oatland 
How long have you been a citizen of Hartfelden?
Three days
Ulrich Wolfrum von Hagen
1: The Empire of TheGrandImperium
2 : I'd think for now since I'm still kinda new to this process. I would like to gradually learn all the different functions first before just being tossed into something I'm not 100% confident about. For now I just want to remain a civilian until told other wise.
3: No. I mostly kept to myself when I first started using nation States so I didn't know it was this complex and that being in a region was more than that. I wasn't aware that each region had there own little communities and affairs on topic boards like this. I mean for crying out loud I'm not even a member of the world assembly. So I guess you could say I'm a hermit.

4: I have been a nation within Munzenhan for over Three Years

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