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Haganhamm Citizen Application
1. What is your nation in the Empire? (It could be in Hartfelden, Furstenbirn, or Munhenzen)
2. Is that your main nation on NationStates? If not, what is?
No, my main is Aclion, at least for forum purposes and stuff.

3. Have you used any aliases on NationStates in the past? If so, please specify what they are or have been.
I've made a lot of Nations but the ones i'm actually known by people by are: Aclion, Buranda, Areuldar and Mingulay Isle. I'm also known by Bastiat because I do most of my NS socialization on discord.

4. Do you have a nation in the World Assembly? If so, what is the name of that nation?
my WA moves around a lot, at the moment it is

5. How did you hear about Hartfelden, and why did you decide to join? If you were sent a telegram, please specify which nation the telegram was sent from.
If you were invited by a friend, please specify the name of the friend.
I heard about from the diplomatic activities going on between it and XKI,(though I actually knew it before as ebil raiders >:O)

6. How long have you been in NationStates?
Since 2015
7. What are the past regions you have been in, if any?
I've been Active in Oatland, TEP, Forest and XKI. A little bit in Meihua and Greece
8. What other regions are you in currently, if any?
The Above, Except for greece
9. Have you ever been banned from another region? If so, what for?
No(unless getting banned by raiders counts)
10. Are you on our regional Discord server? If so, what is your Discord ID? If you're not, this is the link:
Yes i'm Bastiat#2777 I'm already masked and shit.

I, Ulrich Wolfrum von Hagen, do solemnly swear that I shall be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty Kaiser Friedrich I, and to His Heirs and Successors, and that I shall faithfully obey the constitution of Hartfelden and her laws as well as  fulfill my duties as a citizen.
Admin Approval
Approved on behalf of the Imperial Crown.
[Image: w8sEhEE.png]
Their Imperial Highness, Aav von Hartfelden, Prinz von Hartfelden, and Archduke of Rossmark.


[Image: k5g5U0y.png]

His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I, Emperor of the Ragerian Imperium, High King of Domlar, King of Arin, King of Haggir, King of Don, King of Fola, Grand Duke of Jorn, High Patrician of Kola, Chieftain of the Amir, Warmaster of Alaan, Baselius of Tol, Tsar of Ji, Samrat of Ayn, and Grand High Magistrate of Korrer.
Any posts I make should be taken as posts by any other user unless I use ***RED TEXT***, post as an Administrator, Minister of Foreign Affairs, or as President of the Bundestag. 

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