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Civil Services Application
Welcome citizen or prospective citizen of Hartfelden!

The Kaiser thanks you for your interest in joining the civil services; these are the civil services of which will aid in our smooth operation of the Executive. The civil departments you may join are the following:

Office of The Secretary of Home Affairs:

[*]Department of Integration

[*]Department of Culture

Office of The Secretary of Foreign Affairs:

[*]Department of Foreign Affairs
[*]Department of The World Assembly

How do you apply to join a civil department or ministry you ask? You just have to fill out this form truthfully:

[b]Which ministry/department(s) do you wish to join?[/b]

[b]Do you have any past experience in any executive departments in this region or others?[/b]

[b]How long have you been a citizen of Hartfelden?[/b]


Once you've been evaluated, you'll either be accepted or denied. If you're denied, you'll be informed of the reason why.
Please post your applications in a new thread in this subforum.

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